18,000 young people in an arena for Mass. A Catholic bishop from Iraq calling on the entire Church to ensure that the Middle East does not become a land without Christians. Music led by people who have become friends during my summer ministry work over the past few years. A young adult woman from Indianapois interviewing bishops onstage at the US pilgrims gathering. So many people in line for the Sacrament of Reconciliation that priests (including me) were asked to sacrifice concelebrating Mass so that we could hear confessions. Almost as many people outside the arena for a Holy Hour as were inside when the doors were shut because the building had reached capacity – the same building that hosted 18,000 earlier in the day for Mass. Throngs of people from all over the world filling the streets of Old Town Krakow chanting, singing, and waving flags. Pierogi for lunch. Pierogi, pork, and beets for dinner. Gelato for dessert. An electric atmosphere at the catechetical site when video was shown of Pope Francis landing in Poland. Our Polish guides filled with national pride as they went to see Pope Francis appear at the window of the Archbishop’s Palace where St. John Paul II used to greet pilgrims. An adoration chapel so full that people had to wait in line to get in. Running into friends from all over the United States while in Krakow. Having a conversation with another vocation director who was standing on the sidewalk as the tram I was in was stopped at a station. Meeting pilgrims from Ireland, India, Australia, Colombia, Latvia, Nigeria, England, Indonesia, Spain, and so many other places. What a day it has been!