Christians are a pilgrim people. We are always on the move. We can’t be stagnant. The ultimate destination of our pilgrimage is heaven – the joys of eternal life with God and all the holy ones. But here on earth, pilgrimages can help us grow in our faith, understand more deeply where we have come from, and make the Scriptures and the lives of the Saints come alive in new and remarkable ways.

This November, I will be leading an 11-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and I invite you to join me. Space will be limited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk and pray in the same places where Jesus walked and prayed; to read Scripture in the very places where the stories they recount took place; to understand the life and culture that shaped the world of the Patriarchs, the Prophets, and the Apostles; to spend time in the earthly Jerusalem in anticipation of the heavenly Jerusalem; and to recommit ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ in the land where he called the first disciples to follow Him.

Holy LandOur pilgrimage will be centered in two places – Tiberias and Jerusalem. From there, we will visit such biblical sites as Nazareth, Bethlehem, Cana, Bethany, Capernaum, Jericho, Caesarea Philippi, Bethsaida, Mt. Carmel, and more. We will take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and visit the hilltop fortress of Masada. We will walk the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, in Jerusalem. We will pray at the Mt. of Beatitudes and the Mt. of Transfiguration. We will renew our baptismal promises at the Jordan River. Married couples will be able to renew their wedding vows at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine. We will celebrate Mass daily, including in the Upper Room where Jesus instituted the Eucharist.

Registration for this Holy Land Pilgrimage is now open. To see a complete brochure and itinerary, click here. The brochure also includes a registration form which must be submitted with a $500 deposit to reserve a spot. Final payments are due in August. All arrangements and registrations and being handled by Pentecost Tours, a Catholic pilgrimage company based in Batesville, Indiana. This will be the third pilgrimage I have led, working with Pentecost Tours each time – they take care of all the details and always keep in mind that this is a pilgrimage, not a vacation or a study tour. Daily Mass, prayer, and spiritual growth are the priorities.

If you have questions, feel free to contact either myself or Deacon Jeff Powell – contact information for both of us can be found on the brochure. We look forward to this unforgettable experience in the Holy Land this November!