Recently, I was invited to contribute to a blog series on youth and social media for the New Media Project, a research project at the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. This particular blog series covers eight weeks and includes posts from a variety of Christian traditions.

You can read my contribution here – Youth Ministry and Social Media: Reading Scripture.

One of the primary goals of the New Media Project is to help pastors and other religious leaders have theological conversations about technology – not just about how we can use technology in our ministry, but how to think theologically about the role new media plays in our lives. Thus, my thoughts on how new ways of reading Scripture brought about by technology and new media might form or be formed by our understanding of what Scripture is as the Word of God. Verity Jones, the Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence, was the Associate Director of the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program during the two years I participated in that program. The general premise of the Wabash program was similar – how  pastors can think theologically about the issues that effect people and communities in Indiana – health care, education, immigration, the economy, etc.

Check out the New Media Project, and feel free to join the discussion!